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You may not know me now, but my clients and community do, no matter where they are located in the world – and that’s what I love about online business, it’s accessible to anyone with a wi-fi connection.

Hi, I’m Amie!

I’m the owner and head of content strategy at The Creative Blog Co. – a business I founded to help creatives be more creative (forget the code, design and writing SEO blog posts, we’ve got your back). I believe in the power of passion projects; to build community, to grow your income, to give you back your creativity.


I know that may sound cliche (in some ways, it totally is), but finding my purpose online has allowed me to quit my 9-5 and life every single day with intention. And I get to write words for amazing people, just like you.


Take a crazy amount of self-belief (and a truly incredible support system) and mix it with purposeful business planning – and that’s it, that’s my ‘secret’. Using my background in journalism and digital marketing, I have scaled my business month-on-month, worked less, and travelled more than ever.


For four days a week, sometimes less, I want to show you how I went from crying at my desk at my full time marketing job (yep, pretty sad stuff), to working with passionable bloggers and business owners from ANYWHERE.


Find out how we can partner to create a magic online brand and hone in on your dream lifestyle.

I started working with Amie to launch my own digital magazine covering all things beauty and health. From the get go, I attained an extremely clear vision of how I wanted my branding/website to look and feel for my reader; Amie understood that and delivered above and beyond my expectations

Throughout the entire process Amie was extremely diligent and demonstrated a fast pace to action any chances I required in a small time frame. Her dedication, understanding and skillset is one I can highly recommend. I look forward to continuing our work relationship/friendship into the future.