Your words are your brand. Your brand identity is directly connected to your words.

Finding your voice online is hard; for most, it’s an afterthought. If your current website copy doesn’t speak to or resonate with your target audience, your efforts are wasted. Think of brand identity as the soul of your business and your website copywriting as the body. If there’s no soul, the body won’t appear authentic or trustworthy.

For The Creative Blog Co., I’ve previously mentioned my brand voice in the way I speak to my potential and current clients + my email list. It’s just like chatting to a friend in a creative workspace; it’s not here are all my secrets and crazy weekend antics, it’s fun and friendly, creative and passionate. It’s inspired souls and growing respect for one another. It’s a relationship, not a transaction.

Perhaps you’re the opposite? Your tribe are following every step of your personal life.

I’m due to launch an exciting personal project soon, but it’s not a mirror of my life. Instead, it’s a comment on my life and certain aspects related to business, travel and mental health. Not the whole picture.

Here’s how your brand identity and website copy are more intertwined than you realise:

1 / you show empathy to the needs of your audience.

Whether your brand voice is comforting or questioning, be clever in relating to your audience’s pain points. Ask questions. Be diligent in your approach. Don’t play games, be needs-focused and empathise with your people.

This takes me to this quote from Creative Confidence by the Kelley brothers. I’m currently reading, and this quote (just a chapter in), speaks depths about how your copy should be rooted in empathy:

Being human centered is at the core of our innovation process. Deep empathy for people makes our observations powerful sources of inspiration. We aim to understand why people do what they currently do, with the goal of understanding what they might do in the future.

2 / Your brand is known for what you do.

An exciting part of nailing your web copy is that people will know you for it. They’ll know exactly what you do and what they’re getting when they send you an email or reach out via social media.

It breaks down barriers and saves you time. A well thought-out website can land you your dream clients in a heartbeat, without the need to turn to old-fashioned marketing methods (I’m talking outbound).

3 / You can express your true creative self.

This. Have fun with your words. Don’t feel pressured to rely on the stock-standard, SEO/keyword rich webpages that not only bore your audience but have them exciting your website faster than you can say, “I should have invested in creative copy.”

4 / You can connect with key influencers in your space.

Awesome words bring in awesome people. If your influencers are resonating with your brand identity (and website copy), they’re more likely to want to work with you and build collaborations that, too, fit their brand. Show your influencers your worth, it can lead to so many new opportunities, even jobs at companies you only dream about working for.

With social media, you have the potential to reach anyone. Anywhere. With any type of status. But before you send that tweet to your fave content marketing strategist, you need strong copy on your website that represents who you and your brand are.

5 / Book more clients and make more money.

The most obvious of them all. Time and time again, biz owners and bloggers ‘forget’ or last minute throw together a website description and a bland about page. It says nothing about who they are, or reveals any longevity in their brand. It’s almost untrustworthy when there’s no thought behind the key pages on a website.

You can’t expect to book your dream clients if they’re not noticing you. You might as well not have a space on the internet if you’re not consistent with your brand voice.

In my previous role, I wrote about IT/software and we really had no room to move with the copy. All of our competitors wrote exactly the same and just because we were the ~world leader~ we managed to convert. Without that, we would have just been another IT solutions provider. How dull.

Review your website copy now, or ask me to? It’s so important to nail this before you do anything else business-related. Be you and live your brand, you’ll reap the rewards.

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