This is Part 2 in the Plan Your Creativity blog series.

Are you a multi-passionate creative? Stats show (more like, my intuition) that creative people have more than one creative hobby or talent. If you’re a photographer, you may love hand lettering too. Your love of crafting may compliment your love of writing. Whatever it is you do, you do it with passion.

But what if you want to combine your passions, but they seem like the polar opposite of each other? You love to bake, but you also love studying psychology. You’re a mental health blogger, but you just love sharing your travel snaps and photography gear.

Oh, there’s a way my friend. And the path to your dream hustle may seem a little clearer… keep on reading (but first, sign up to the Passion Project Masterclass — it’s FREE!)
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First up, if you haven’t already, read Part 1 in this blog series on the 6 Blog Niches that Make Money Online. That may help you jump-start where your creative passions lie (and how they can earn you $$$).

Let’s begin… the most (or one of) common questions I get asked by new business or blog owners is: How can I stand out online? Followed up by, how do I find my niche?

You can start with something simple like my Creative Blog Formula (Interest 1 + Interest 2 = Blog Topic), or dive a little deeper into where there’s potential in the market. How to do this? Look towards killer brands and authentic creatives already leveraging the power of purpose.

Purpose is what comes naturally after your blog topic. It’s your why, essentially. A good why builds solid communities. Take what I’m doing here at The Creative Blog Co. for example:

The Creative Blog Co.
  • Interest 1: Creativity
  • Interest 2: Blogging
  • Blog Topic: Selling creativity online
  • Why: To help creative people focus on their creativity and live their best lives.

Seems a lot simpler now, doesn’t it? From this, you can stem off services or products that add value to your WHY. This blog post is all about EXAMPLES to build on my money-making post; from here, we’ll look at the action steps to marketing your brand new niche online in Part 3.


The Merrymaker Sisters
  • Interest 1: Healthy Food
  • Interest 2: Happiness
  • Blog Topic: Quick, healthy and fun recipes
  • Why: To help their community boost their energy, skip the diets and live merry lives
The Financial Diet
  • Interest 1: Finances
  • Interest 2: Women in business
  • Blog Topic: Financial advice for millennial women
  • Why: To help young women own their finances with practical, real advice
Intrepid Introvert
  • Interest 1: Travel
  • Interest 2: Personal development
  • Blog Topic: Travelling and working full time
  • Why: To show her audience it’s possible to escape the ordinary and live every day on the road
  • Interest 1: Blogging
  • Interest 2: Making money
  • Blog Topic: How to earn an income online
  • Why: To help bloggers turn their online space into money-making revenue streams
  • Interest 1: Women in business
  • Interest 2: Course making
  • Blog Topic: How women can make courses for their blog and business
  • Why: To help women who are stuck in their online businesses

And that’s just the beginning… I share more about this formula in my FREE Passion Project Masterclass. Doors open June 12th, and the masterclass won’t be back for another 6 months — so get in quick!

Now it’s your turn to try out the formula. Post it in the comments with a link to your blog, I’d love to see how you’re redefining your niche and create a stronger blog topic and an authentic why.